Critics raved about Suzan’s portrayal of Dora in THE INVENTION OF MOREL, by Stewart Copeland

“Suzan Hanson nearly walked off with the show whenever she appeared as the socialite Dora.” LA Times

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Suzan as Lillian Disney in THE PERFECT AMERICAN

“Suzan Hanson’s tender dignity as Walt’s wife, Lillian, admirably humanized her husband.” LA Times

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LA VOIX HUMAINE at Long Beach Opera

Reviews are in!! Los Angeles Times: “With her flawless articulation and vocal nuance true to every dramatic utterance, Hanson produces a raw immediacy that adds a remarkable authenticity.:.” “Supreme Vocalism. Even more than most, this is a piece that lives or dies with its performer, and Sunday’s singer, soprano Suzan Hanson, brought Poulenc’s score irresistibly to life.” San Francisco Chronicle

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