Difficulty of Crossing A Field

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“Among the characters who rise and fall upon the (sometimes creaky) stage elevators is the plantation owner’s wife, Mrs. Williamson, played with demented gusto by soprano Suzan Hanson. She is costumed in an enormous black skirt which, if I interpret this garment correctly, is draped about the high roof upon which she is supposed to be sitting as she surveys the world in her increasing madness. It is no easy thing to see your husband go “poof” into non-existence, so she understandably undergoes an existential crisis.”

David Gregson - Opera West

“Suzan Hanson is mad again as Mrs. Williamson. She is perched high atop a stool or ladder, rising and descending in the pit, her enormous skirts spreading out over the ground around her as she tries to grasp what has happened to all she once took for granted. Mrs. Williamson's music is the most "operatic" in the piece, and Hanson's rich and subtle soprano (and her rich and subtle dramatic chops) entrance as they disturb.”

George Wallace - A Fool in the Forrest

“Stalwart Hanson, a stunning image in black, enveloped in a dress that extends many yards down from her high perch to indicate that she has taken refuge on the roof of the house, makes a poignant figure of distraught incomprehension.”

Myron Miesel - Hollywood Reporter