Suzan Hanson is Lady Macbeth who here is not some overweening shrew but, at the outset, a beloved companion and equal to her husband, lively, intelligent, sexy, cherished, respected. The Macbeths have a relationship of trust and mutual admiration, until the Thane becomes King and a celebratory canoodle turns selfishly brutal, the first symptom perhaps of his ultimately fatal overreach.

George Wallace - A Fool in the Forest

Suzan Hanson’s soprano is by turns seductive and emotionally riveting in the most dramatic moments. These two carry the brunt of the 105-minute opera, with no intermissions. Their roles require not only operatic skill, but leaping on and off the table, which is the only piece of scenery, and some very convincing acting. They are believable as a loving couple and also as bloody murderers.

Laurann Wakefield - Long Beach Gazette

The multifarious talents of Suzan Hanson (Lady Macbeth) are no surprise to LBO audiences after 10 or more impressive appearances.

Myron Meisel - The Hollywood Reporter

Suzan Hanson has long and deservedly been a mainstay of LBO and her forceful, but enticing, Lady Macbeth is another coup in her catalog of artfully delineated and memorable characters sung for the company.

Michael Duzer - Stage Happenings

"Soprano Suzan Hanson, a stalwart with the company, introduced an aptly creepy Lady Macbeth, severe and manipulative, and fretfully unhinged in her mad scene."

Timothy Mangan - Orange County Register

The powerful and dramatic Suzan Hanson as his wife and co-conspirator, was a revelation.

John Farrel - Press Telegram