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"Mrs. Williamson, sung with powerful intensity by Suzan Hanson, rises and descends the pit elevator. She stands on stilts; her long skirt, which flows at an angle, is taller than she is."

Mark Swed - LA Times

"Whatever the case, everybody has a different perspective on the matter. And for Mrs. Williamson (wonderfully incarnated by the versatile and ever-fabulous soprano/actress Suzan Hanson), it is an existential crisis of the first magnitude — at least the way Lang and Wellman would have it. She goes mad and sits on top of the roof of the house contemplating the mysteries of being and nothingness. Or at the very least, of no longer being Mrs. Williamson."

David Gregson - Opera West

"Perched atop a giant dress, Long Beach regular Suzan Hanson anchors the production with her carefully crafted portrait of a wife unraveling after her husband is unaccountably deleted from her life. As always Ms Hanson brings passion and musical precision to her role and she handles the undoubtedly complicated vocal line and repetitive words in a manner which feels easy and natural. Her phenomenal diction makes the supertitles near her head pointless."

Michael Van Duzer - Stage Happenings

" Suzan Hanson gave another powerful portrayal as the distraught Mrs. Williamson, vocally and dramatically dominating the proceedings."

Jim Ruggirello - Long Beach Gazette

" Suzan Hanson, who began the season as Medea, is mad again as Mrs. Williamson.  She is perched high atop a stool or ladder, rising and descending in the pit, her enormous skirts spreading out over the ground around her as she tries to grasp what has happened to all she once took for granted. Mrs. Williamson's music is the most "operatic" in the piece, and Hanson's rich and subtle soprano (and her rich and subtle dramatic chops) entrance as they disturb."

George Wallace - A Fool in the Forest