While Nyman handed the baritone some meaty bits to chew, he made soprano Suzan Hanson work a bit harder for it. What was most notable about Hanson's energetic performance was her ability to navigate the larger leaps fo Nyman's often angular soprano writing. Though there were plenty of legato melodies to soar on, certain sections to her part sounded intentionally non-idiomatic to portray Mrs. P's somewhat high-strung, defensive nature

Daniel Corral - Ausculations blogspot

All the emotion in the opera belongs to Suzan Hanson, the loving wide, Mrs. P, who is always there for her husband, always caring from him, never giving up on him. At first she denies there is anything wrong with him, but as his disease progresses she acknowledges it and is still willing to give him every kind of help. In a work that is as clinical as this, with Dr. S slowly giving his conclusion, with Dr. P fighting his disease with little drama, Hanson's character is the emotional center: desperate, unwilling to give in, a fighter in a world of clinical details. She is strikingly loyal, strikingly lovely, singing with passion and not giving in to fear. She is the kind of wife any man would be lucky to have.

John Farrell - Press Telegram

Suzan Hanson sings her role as P's wide with tremendous power and grace, delivering equally well whether she's revealing herself as the dedicated helpmate, the apologist in denial, or a wife horrified by the progressive loss of her husband from the inside out.

Greggory Moore - Greater LongBeach

As the patient's supportive, confused and long-suffering wife, Suzan Hanson added to her long list of wonderful LBO portrayals, channeling her inner Brunnhilde as she screamed "Philistine!" at the doctor when he failed to properly appreciate her husband's paintings.

Jim Riggirello - Gazette

Suzan Hanson adds artistic sophistication to the other qualities of his nervously watchful wife.

Mark Swed - LA Times

Brilliant soprano Suzan Hanson (one of the finest singing actresses anywhere on stage today) was Mrs. P, the sympathetic, coping wide who loves a man who sometimes cannot tell her from a hat..

David Gregson - OPERA WEST