TRUNK SHOW: Smoke and Mirrors- the alchemy of desire

In March 2012, I created a piece of theater with existing music- a pastiche of sorts- with Victoria Kirsch. The piece tells the story of a man’s quest to finally say good bye to his love who, we learn through the work, has passed away. I played his lost love, the dynamic bass baritone Dean Elzinga played the man, the fabulous Victoria Kirsch was at the piano, and the wonderful Timothy Loo was the cellist.

I made a teaser trailer for the show which captures the feel of the piece, besides showcasing Dean and Vicki in one of the selections from the show: Schubert’s DIE KRAHE.


As a TRUNK SHOW, Smoke and Mirrors is the first in what I plan to be a series of theatrical events and shows.

The next installment of TRUNK SHOW is in development….