Suzan stars as Dr. Katherine Brandt in Kaufman’s 33 VARIATIONS

33 Variations with Michael Ballam and Curtis Olds
“As Katherine Brandt, Hanson was astounding in the role of a music researcher intrigued by the life of Beethoven and his interest in making variations to a waltz by Anton Diabelli. Hanson’s character has ALS, and the audience watches the progression of that disease. Hanson’s ability as an actress to physically morph into the portrayal of that illness still has me impressed with the level of commitment to characterization and physical prowess. As a person who has spent much of my career working with people with disabilities, I have watched the progression of disability and illness far too often, and it was hard to believe this was not a person who was actually afflicted. Rarely can I say this in a production.”

Maren Scriven, Utah Theater Bloggers Association