Brunnhilde in THE RING

"Among singers new to me I found particular pleasure in Suzan Hanson, who returned to life after 20 years asleep as the Brünnhilde in Siegfried and bounced and cavorted (with Dan Snyder as a cavorting Boy Scout Siegfried) like the lady in the sleeping-pill ads: a new tack on Brünnhilde and a delightful one. (She sobered up properly in the final Twilight of the Gods.)"

Alan Rich - LA Weekly

"Suzan Hanson was the human Brunnhilde for the third and fourth operas. She is also a superb actress, especially in the scene in the final opera where she sees her lover but he -- being drugged -- doesn't respond. Hanson was at her best in the Immolation Scene, where her powerful voice had the endless stamina of a Great Wagnerian singer."

Mark Kanny - Pittsburgh Tribune