...Hanson delivers a performance of bewitching transformation.

Frank Rizzo - Variety.com

Her nudity which is projected at times onto a variety of screens and beams....recalls a baroque visions of an innocent Eve....and they are both gorgeous to listen to." "She's the one with whom our sympathies lie throughout.

Ed Siegel - The Boston Globe

Hanson supplies the most engaging performance: An experienced opera singer, she wields presence and pathos as she wanders up and down the stage, scrawling in chalk and contemplating her future.

Jenna Scherer - Boston's Weekly Dig

Hanson has a luminous beauty, a gorgeous soprano, and a natural sense-of-humor that work immeasurably to humanize her lost character. The piece may be called Orpheus X, but it is her journey that is the central to its dramatic arc.

Robert Nesti - EDGE Boston

Eurydice is performed by the superb singer-actress Suzan Hanson, whose clear, dark-hued voice is perfectly matched to the lieder-like clarity of Eckert's songs and whose straightforward yet warm acting style makes Eurydice into a quietly intelligent, gently ironic woman we yearn for as much as does Orpheus.

Jon Lehman - The Patriot Ledger